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Sunday, July 2, 2017


Deadly Secrets has finally been republished, and is now available at Amazon  and Smashsword (*^^*). I was able to get the designer that did the first book cover to redo DS's cover again, and that was what I had been waiting for to put it back up. She ( Reese Dante) is going to be doing Deadly Skies (Continuation of D Secrets) and then the next book, Deadly Protector (Aisa and Ethan).

Both books will take some time to finish as I had put both projects on hold because I had gone back to school. That's not a problem anymore. I have another writing project that I'm doing, but that project is coming to a close soon. When that day hits, I'll have more time to only considerate on this series.

This republished edition has reverted back to it's original plot line of Jamie pretending to be a high school student than the college student he had become when I was with SP publishing. I'm happy about that :)

New book cover


  1. Omg!! Please oh please tell me the 2nd one will be out sometime soon?! I almost felt like it would never happen and I mourned the way the first book ended because damn it was Soo GOOD!

  2. I can't give an exact date, only that I'm hoping to get it out this year. Unfortunately, someone from a selected group I had allowed to view the first dozen or so chapters leaked it online. So, I'm in the process of rewriting the story...

  3. *Doing happy dance* totally looking forward to it! As for the person(s) that did such a horrible thing. That just irritates me because I have several author friends that either their book was completely stolen and used under another persons name or similar to what happened to you only they had tried to continue the storyline but the real voice of the true author was gone. 😢

    1. Yeah, it sucked, but what can ya do ╮(╯∀╰)╭? Thankfully, what was re-posted on the pirated site wasn't re-posted as someone else's work.I think I've promoted D Secrets and talked about D Skies too much for it to be stolen.