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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Deadly Skies Book Cover!

I'm still working as much as I can to get this story out. Because the first twelve chapters had been pirated, I've been doing some massive rewriting. But, we got a book cover! Hopefully it'll put those who have been asking at ease, that it will be coming.

Much love!

Sunday, July 2, 2017


Deadly Secrets has finally been republished, and is now available at Amazon  and Smashsword (*^^*). I was able to get the designer that did the first book cover to redo DS's cover again, and that was what I had been waiting for to put it back up. She ( Reese Dante) is going to be doing Deadly Skies (Continuation of D Secrets) and then the next book, Deadly Protector (Aisa and Ethan).

Both books will take some time to finish as I had put both projects on hold because I had gone back to school. That's not a problem anymore. I have another writing project that I'm doing, but that project is coming to a close soon. When that day hits, I'll have more time to only considerate on this series.

This republished edition has reverted back to it's original plot line of Jamie pretending to be a high school student than the college student he had become when I was with SP publishing. I'm happy about that :)

New book cover

Saturday, May 27, 2017

So, it's 2017... two years since I announced that my book found a new home. Let's just say that I decided to move. I hopefully will get the rights back to my book soon, and when that happens, I just plan to self publish. The whole "you need to get a publisher" has been nothing but a pain in my ass ;p I have nothing against R&P, but, I decided to go off on my own. So, if anything goes wrong, I'll know why and will have only myself to blame.

Also! I'm moving sites ;p I suck at the whole blog posting, subtext menu stuff on Blogger. So, I'm moving to Wordpress. The site is made for technological illiterate people like me.

New site:

I've set everything up already, so feel free to check it out, if you want (*^^*)

I don't plan on deleting this Blog, but I won't be using it as my main site. Just a 'hey, what's up' kinda update page. But, if you haven't already noticed already, I suck updating/posting stuff.

UPDATE: How can there be an update if we never saw this one? Because I posted it to the wrong blog LOL. Anyway, I've gotten my rights back! I've contacted a cover artist and, hopefully, will have Deadly Secrets back up for sale by the end of June/early July. I've put the first book from my novella series on Amazon  and discovered the second book had been written, but forgotten about (previous publishing drama that did not make me want to submit it);p

Anyway, that story will be published later once I get all the kinks out of it. Then I'll be working on the mythical continuation of Deadly Secrets. I do have a prior writing 'responsibility', so...shit is gonna be slow ;p But! Not as delayed/dead in the water has it has been.

Much love. SH