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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Silver Publishing's New VIP Loyalty Program

Okay, so this is pretty kick ass. My publisher @ Silver Publishing announced another new reward system.

(Quoting directly from publisher)


Silver Publishing introduces a VIP Loyalty Program to select customers starting in 2012.  As a show of appreciation for your commitment to purchase directly from Silver, we are now offering a three tier VIP program to customers.  Membership into this program is by invitation only and is based exclusively on your purchasing dedication on the Silver website.

Platinum Members:
15% Discount on ALL purchases
On your birthday, Platinum members receive 5 free books.
Platinum members receive their pre-ordered books 36 hours before its official release date
100 Reward Points every December

Gold Members:
10% Discount on ALL purchases
On your birthday, Gold members receive 2 free books.
Members receive their pre-ordered books 12 hours before its official release date
50 Reward Points every December

Silver Members:
5% Discount on ALL purchases
On your birthday, Silver members receive 1 free book.
Members receive their pre-ordered books 6 hours before its official release date
25 Reward Points every December

Additional perks to all tiers:
Special Contest for members only throughout the year
Exclusive discount coupons throughout the year

"I dont think I can do this..."

"Shh, It's okay. I promise to make you a couple inches taller in the next book if you talk about this with me."

"What about me?"

"No one wants your bitch-ass around, Janis."

"People are looking at this! Let's start, Jamie."

*Clearing of throats*

Jamie: *Plasters a fake smile on his face* "So how do I get this invitation to become a VIP?"

Savannah: "You get it by buying books at Silver Publishing instead of your local cyber distributor, like, amazon." *Sucks in gut* *Big toothy smile* 

Janis: "Yea, dig the Vanna White thing you got going there, Savannah. But, it's not some kinda scam, right? Like, how I need to dish out membership fees to get into this program?"

Savannah: "The only thing you pay for are the books you wanna buy or coupons/gift cards."*Exhales as she speaks, and flinches when the seams in her pants groans in protest.*

Janis: "Time to lay off the Twinkies, right chubs?"

Savannah: *Ignores Janis* "What do you think, Jamie?"
Jamie: *Strained voice* "I think it's a pretty sweet set up. So, Savannah, are you going to buy books at Silver Publishing?"

Savannah: "Of course! Silver Publishing is the only place I'd buy my hot boyz love ebooks from." *Big grin*

Janis: "Kiss ass."

Savannah: "Don't make me castrate you in the next book, Janis."

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